It's like SmartPlay on steroids, except it's not SmartPlay and is wayyyyyyy cooler.
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The future is now, with the Revolution Shield...

The Shield is a multimedia center full to the brim with features like music playback, file management, web browsing, gaming and more!

So, what makes Shield so special?

API amplitude

Revolution's powerful "Denver" API is featured under the hood. For developers, for companies or for coding amateurs, Denver allows for flexible graphics and streamlined syntax allows for clean code at peak efficiency. Denver is constantly getting updated, improved and fine-tuned to offer best-in-class performance, ease-of-use and flexibility. Only in Shield.

Gaming galore

Shield can play its very own games library. Shield can play games that are released for it by disk, like any other system. However, the average console allows you to play games installed to your PC. But what if you don't want to use storage or save the games to your computer? For the first time in CC console history, Shield offers a revolutionary cloud streaming service called Revolution Cloud! From Cloud, you can stream a list of games straight to your computer - for free on any Shield device! This means you don't have to bring disks around everywhere to play quality titles, or download numerous games - you can stream them! Not only this, but there are also applications available to stream and/or download! This is the first time a streaming service has ever been attempted, and Shield are the pioneers of this technology.

Music mania

Are you a fan of music? Shield sports an upgraded, optimised and fine-tuned version of the SmartPlay series' brilliant vinyl player along with NBS playback. This allows the everyday listener to listen to a variety of songs across a variety of formats, and allows budding music artists to easily play and create their own music in the widely compatible and popular NBS format - all on Shield! Say goodbye to the days of using a separate computer or a jukebox for music, because Shield can do all of it!

GUI greatness

Every system these days seems to have the same, empty desktop design. Fear not! Shield is again groundbreaking with a never-before-seen dynamic grid layout. The dynamic Apps system has a clean grid-like layout that displays the installed apps in a colourful and clean presentation. It's a fluid system which is easy on the eyes and will dynamically scale with resolution - got a huge monitor setup? Shield will automatically scale the apps for you!

Workstation workhorse

Shield is a powerful day-to-day system and has plenty of programs suited to whatever job you throw at it. It has a competent file browser with GUI to allow for easy file management. With Shell and developer documentation available out of the box, Shield makes it easy for programmers in their day-to-day work with fluid file management and all of the programs you could want!

Shield is one of the most future-proofed systems in existence; the system has been acknowledged by Revolution since 2015, and three years after its initial creation it is still being fine-tuned for perfection and getting updates. We're not finished with Shield, and we don't want to stop! We will offer support to anyone who looks for it and we will pump out all of the latest programs and games for the forseeable future.